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Proxy war


Gaza fighting is 'proxy war' for the Mideast

The conflict raging in Gaza is different this time.

While Hamas' rocket attacks and Israel's military actions may look familiar, they're taking place against a whole new backdrop.

"This is unprecedented in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict," say...

Ross Park water slide may be up for replacement

The city of Pocatello is considering the future of the Ross Park Aquatic Complex water slide.

Comore Loma homeowners speak up after fire scare

Comore Loma homeowners speak up after fire scare

Homeowners say history of boil orders and low water pressure left them anxious during the Bonneville County fire.

IF Round Up kicks off with breast cancer awareness

IF Round Up kicks off with breast cancer awareness

The Idaho Falls War Bonnet Round Up kicked off Friday. The Eastern Idaho Medical Center is educating big crowds about breast cancer awareness.

EIPHD kicks off Breastfeeding awareness week

EIPHD kicks off breastfeeding awareness week

The Eastern Idaho Public Health District is kicking off breastfeeding awareness week with its annual picnic in the park event.

Idaho s Go On Rate declines

Idaho's 'Go On' Rate declines

New statistics show Idaho's rate of students receiving a post-secondary education is declining.

West Nile virus_mosquito

image from RAL

West Nile virus confirmed in Eastern Idaho

Mosquitoes in Bingham County have tested positive for West Nile virus, making Bingham County the first county in Eastern Idaho to carry the virus.

Expect delays on Yellowstone road work

Expect delays on Yellowstone road work

The construction and road work on Yellowstone Avenue in Pocatello was scheduled to be completed August 1, but the Idaho Transportation Department said Pocatellans will have at least one more month to go.

karole mustang story

Rent pasture for mustangs

There are way too many horses and not enough rangeland. So now, the Bureau of Land Management is looking for pasture to rent -- something that would hold at least 100 head. They would like long-term pasture facilities with a free roaming environment.

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MGN Online

Ebola forces Mormon missionaries from West Africa

Church officials say 274 Mormon missionaries are being transferred out of Sierra Leone and Liberia due to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.



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