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LIVE VIDEO: Landslide in Jackson

The town of Jackson is providing a live stream of the area where a…


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Malaysia altitude map


Drones find nothing in MH370 search

The underwater drone scanning for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 finished its seventh mission Sunday, having covered about half its intended territory without finding any sign of the missing plane.

This has been the case for 44 days now, which seems lik...

Jackson landslide slows after 2 to 9 feet of movement

Jackson landslide slows after 2 to 9 feet of movement in 1 day

Officials say a sliding hillside in Jackson sped up and slid from 2 to 9 feet in less than 24 hours Thursday. Movement has since slowed back down to about an inch each day, officials said Saturday.

Environmental Fair promotes composting other recycling

Environmental Fair promotes composting, other recycling

The Portneuf Valley Environmental Fair Saturday brought large crowds and a large number of ways to protect our local environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

Courtesy Jackson Hole News and Guide

Landslide splits Jackson house in half

The landslide on Budge Drive in Jackson ruins a home.

Bears Interactive Exhibit

Disney's "Bears" prompts a local educational exhibit at the movies

Friday at the local premiere of Bears, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game was on hand at the Edwards Cinema with an interactive exhibit for movie goers.

Local group helps clean animal shelter

Local group helps clean animal shelter

Members of a local group took time out of their day to clean the Blackfoot Animal Shelter.

Fish fill Jensen s Lake

Fish fill Jensen's Lake

Idaho Fish and Game stocked Jensen's Lake Friday with 2,700 rainbow trout.

See Easter egg hunts here

Find out about Easter egg hunts near you.

Law enforcement agents honored for duty

Law enforcement agents honored for duty

Idaho law enforcement agents received recognition for going above and beyond during routine traffic stops.

Hospitals RSV cases on the rise in eastern Idaho

Hospitals: RSV cases on the rise in eastern Idaho

Hospitals in eastern Idaho are reporting in slight uptick in cases of respiratory syncytial virus or RSV, according to the Eastern Idaho Public Health District.

Twelve-year-old donates 600 eggs in time for Easter

Boy donates 50 dozen eggs to foodbank

The Idaho Foodbank in Pocatello received a large donation of eggs Firday from a local business owner.  However, the business owner is 12 years old, and he donated 50 dozen - 600 - eggs.





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