Wooden swings, Adirondack chairs, casual dining and end tables are just a few ideas for your outdoor living room furniture.


Outdoor structures

"A screen house right off of the house or even further back on the property extends your ability to be outside and not have to combat mosquitoes," said Tierney. "It's also nice to have a transition space between indoors and outdoors, such as a pergola," she added. Tierney said that a pergola or gazebo can provide an outdoor feeling as well as shade.


Outdoor "flooring"

Besides decking material, pea gravel can be used to create a type of "carpet." There are also a variety of outdoor carpeting materials such as Durocord and polypropylene to create a cozier atmosphere.


Outdoor lighting

Today there are lots of solar options for outdoor lighting. Tierney suggested using lighting to highlight outdoor plantings and to create diffused lighting. "You can put the lights at different heights to highlight areas you want to put the focus on. Or you can shine the light up through the foliage for a soft diffused natural glow," said Tierney.

Other ideas include lanterns, torches or strings of lights.


Depending on your taste, the focus of your outdoor room can be on landscape and plantings with furniture or statues tucked into various seating areas, or you may want to set up a game area with lawn bowling, croquet or horseshoes. Outdoor living rooms allow the homeowner a fresh, vibrant option for expanding the elements of your home.

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