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KVO, Inc offers craftsmanship, functionality and atmosphere to enhance your life. - Custom cabinets for your entire home or office - Large assortment of custom colors to choose from-or we can mix up one just for you!

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Allen Browning has been practicing law in Idaho since 1983. He has an extensive background in criminal defense and personal injury law. He is committed to helping his clients succeed...

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The powerful reach of KIFI television combined with the targeted, interactive nature of offers a marketing solution difficult to match in the greater Idaho Falls-Pocatello area. KIFI-TV drives viewers to for the latest local news, weather, sports and consumer information.

Dow drops over 400 points, recovers

NYSE file

Andrew Bergmann/CNNMoney

Fear continues to reign on Wall Street.

The stock market's terrible start…

Today is the biggest day for Super Bowl ads

Drake Super Bowl ad

T-Mobile via CNN

The Super Bowl may be the most-watched event in America, but the ads have…

Every Chipotle will close Monday for food safety meeting

Chipotle counter

From Chipotle

Now that Chipotle's E. coli is outbreak officially over, the company is…

China's cash stockpile fell $100 billion last month

China yuan


China's stash of cash continues to shrink as the country tries to fend off…

Record number of Americans dump U.S. passports

Passport, travel

More Americans than ever before are turning their backs on the United…

Why doesn't 4.9% unemployment feel great?

January 2016 jobs report


The U.S. unemployment rate just fell below 5 percent for the first time…

KFC's Super Bowl ad has a new comic as Colonel Sanders

KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken

David Silverman/Getty Images

KFC's Super Bowl ad will have another new comic play Colonel Sanders.

Applications soar after university drops SAT

George Washington University


George Washington University got rid of its SAT requirement, and…

Twitter goes to war against ISIS

Super Bowl 50 - Twitter

Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Twitter has significantly ramped up its anti-ISIS efforts by shutting down…

LinkedIn stock plummets 43% on tepid outlook

LinkedIn screengrab

LinkedIn had been teetering on the edge too long. Investors just knocked…

Citi: Fear the 'oilmageddon' recession


John R. Coughlin/CNNMoney

Financial markets are trapped in a "death spiral," according to analysts…

US exports drop for first time since Great Recession

Money, bills, dollars in wallet

Penny Mathews/SXC

American exports shrank last year for the first time since the Great…

Cash is more popular than stocks or bonds


Stock Xchng

Cash is getting an alarming amount of love these days.

Toshiba shares tank

Toshiba hq

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Toshiba's troubles are growing.

Forget oil stocks. Banks are killing your portfolio

Bank, oil stocks plunging

Forget oil. It's time to worry about banks.