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US economy isn't growing fast enough

US economy not growing fast enough

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Here's one matter that Democratic and Republican economists agree on:…

Stocks: Time for a big check-up this week


Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Corporate America is getting its pulse taken this week.

A flood of…

Comcast, Time Warner Cable set to talk with antitrust regulators

Comcast logo

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Comcast and Time Warner Cable representatives will sit down with…

Why failure is so important to career success

Career expo

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Failure is not a dirty word. Yet for too many professionals, it's seen as…

America's highest paid CEO earns $285 million

GoPro Hero 4

David Becker/Getty Images

Apparently GoPro's "extreme" culture even applies to how much money it…

Verizon FIOS to let you pick, choose cable channels


Verizon FIOS will start letting customers opt in -- and out -- of the…

Report: Comcast, Time Warner Cable merger in doubt

Comcast, Time Warner Cable

Courtesy Comcast/Courtesy Time Warner Cable

A Bloomberg report on Friday cast new doubts on Comcast's long-gestating…

No more credit checks for NYC job seekers

Now Hiring sign

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Job seekers in New York City can now rest assured that their credit…

S'Mores Frappuccino coming to Starbucks


Sara Bonisteel/CNN

Combine the innocence of a childhood treat with the marketing genius of…

Here's the only pot stock worth owning

Georgia marijuana


The marijuana business is attracting a lot of interest from entrepreneurs…

Apple could be America's first $1 trillion company

MacBook Air

From Apple

Just 18 years ago Apple flirted with bankruptcy. Now it's trying to…

This stock is the big winner as oil rebounds

Alaska rig runs aground

US Coast Guard

Forget ExxonMobil and Chevron. The big winner from the recent snap back…

Bloomberg screens go dark worldwide

Bloomberg logo

Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

Thousands of Bloomberg screens around the world went dark for hours Friday…

IBM warns Louisiana over 'religious freedom' bill

Flainbow flag jindal

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

IBM has sent a letter to the governor of Louisiana warning that a pending…

Dow tumbles 279 points as stocks nosedive globally

Wall Street bad day

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Investors probably wish the weekend had started early. Stock markets…