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Is the U.S. holding too much oil in reserve?


Adam Fenster / Reuters

Does America have too much oil in its reserves?

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon…

Can Facebook live up to the hype?

Mark Zuckerberg

Mason Cohn/CNNMoney

Speaking solely in Mandarin in front of a Chinese audience was probably…

The Ebola stocks: Effect of an outbreak

New York Stock Exchange trading

Mark Blinch/Reuters

Ebola anxiety is running high.

Some people have considered canceling visits…

Honda CEO takes $47,000 pay cut over recalls


Ferre' Dollar/CNN

Honda's CEO is taking a 20% pay cut for three months amid the company's a…

Airbag recall could expand

Car airbags gone off

Bill Alberter/CNN

More cars could soon join the list of recalls over exploding airbags, a…

The best time to book your holiday flight is...

Airline airplane


If you're planning on flying over the holidays, now's the time book your…

FCC calls timeout on Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger


Courtesy Comcast

Those waiting for a Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger -- and possibly…

Paul Allen pledges $100 million to fight Ebola

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder, has increased his commitment in the…

You can put up to $18,000 in your 401(k) next year

401k investment portfolio, financial statement


Super savers and rich people will be able to put even more money in their…

After 6 months of recall costs, GM making money again

GM, General Motors

General Motors is back making money again, after six months in which…

Refinancing your mortgage? Opportunity knocks

neighborhood, house


Homeowners seeking to save some money on mortgage payments can celebrate:…

This Halloween costume costs $1.6 million


Wikimedia Commons/Mario Sarto

What does a million-dollar Halloween costume look like? Hint: It gives new…

Maker of Camel cigarettes bans smoking in its offices

Cigarette in hand, smoking

Ferre' Dollar/CNN

Joe Camel isn't going to be able to smoke at his desk any longer.…

China spends $1.5 billion pampering pets

FDA proposes pet food rules


It's the latest growth industry in China: pet lovers are spending…