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Television Is Truly The Most Effective Medium

The powerful reach of KIFI Local News 8 combined with the targeted, interactive nature of and Local News 8 Mobile App offers a marketing solution impossible to match in the greater Idaho Falls-Pocatello area.

KIFI Local News 8 drives viewers to and the Local News 8 Mobile App for the latest local news, weather, sports and consumer information. These motivated, potential customers are then directly targeted with your on-line marketing message. Your business will benefit from the incredible traffic generating ability of KIFI Local News 8, and the Local News 8 Mobile App.

Television is truly the most effective medium.

  • * Television reaches more of an advertiser's prospective customers, in almost every major demographic segment.
  • * Television reaches more of an advertiser's prospective customers for longer periods of time every day.
  • * The public perceives television as the most "influential", "authoritative", "exciting", and "persuasive" advertising medium.
  • * Television is the medium where consumers are most likely to learn about products.

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