Stocks Wall Street

Dow sets record, making up for December losses

The Dow Jones industrial average set its first record since Dec. 5 on…


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Television Is Truly The Most Effective Medium

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Television is truly the most effective medium.

  • * Television reaches more of an advertiser's prospective customers, in almost every major demographic segment.
  • * Television reaches more of an advertiser's prospective customers for longer periods of time every day.
  • * The public perceives television as the most "influential", "authoritative", "exciting", and "persuasive" advertising medium.
  • * Television is the medium where consumers are most likely to learn about products.

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The top 10 money stories of 2014

dollar bills, money

It's time to take a look back at the biggest financial news of the year.

Dow sets record, making up for December losses

Stocks Wall Street

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The Dow Jones industrial average set its first record since Dec. 5 on…

Uber seeking patent on surge pricing

Uber, car taxi service app

John R. Coughlin/CNN

Ride sharing service Uber is seeking a patent for its "surge pricing," in…

Billionaire CEO raps 2014 holiday greeting

CEO raps holiday greeting

Carlyle Group CEO David Rubenstein is a master deal maker in Washington,…

Saudi Arabia: We'll never cut oil production

Oil pump

Tracy Sabo/CNN

Saudi Arabia has a tough message for oil producers hurting from the price…

Another blackout for Dish customers, this time Fox News

Dish Network

David Becker/Getty Images

For the third time in a month, Dish Network customers are missing out on…

Is the oil scare over for the stock market?

Oil, natural gas well


Crashing oil prices looked like the black death for the stock market.…

Last-minute Christmas shopping guide

Holiday shoppers

Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

Still haven't ordered those stocking stuffers? You've got to hurry, or…

Republicans to theaters: Don't be 'bullied,' show Sony's 'The Interview'

Movie tickets, popcorn

iStock / YinYang

The Republican National Committee has a message for theater owners: Put…

'Colbert Report' says goodbye with record ratings

Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report

From Scott Gries/Comedy Central

The Colbert Nation tuned in big time to say goodbye to "The Colbert…

U.S. ends TARP with $15.3 billion profit

dollar bills, money

The U.S. government essentially closed the books on TARP with a $15.3…

Toyota's futuristic, freaky fuel-cell car

Mirai Toyota

The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images

Toyota's new Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is worth a good, serious…

Chrysler expands recall to 3.3 million vehicles


William Walker/CNN

Under pressure from federal regulators, Chrysler will expand a recall of…

Sony exec fires back at President Obama

Michael Lynton

Getty images

Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton responded Friday after President…

Google sues to stop Hollywood threats


Major Hollywood studios have led a quiet campaign with Mississippi's…