Kaci Hickox returns from bike ride

Judge rejects Ebola quarantine for Maine nurse

A Maine judge on Friday ruled that state health officials failed to prove…


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Most wanted Halloween costume: 'Frozen'

Frozen costume

From Spirit Halloween

Frightening witches, vampires, and zombies were no match for the chilling…

Airbag fix deadlier than problem?

Exploding airbag, smart car accident

Bill Alberter/CNN

This is one fix for recalled vehicles that might be more deadly than the…

Honda, Takata sued over exploding airbags


Ferre' Dollar/CNN

Honda Motor and its airbag supplier Takata have been hit by a federal…

Starbucks to start coffee delivery soon


Ferre' Dollar/CNN

You'll soon be able get that frappe to go — to your house.

Starbucks said…

Can anything save Sony?

Sony Playstation 3 controller

Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters

Sony is in dire straits.

Refinancing your mortgage? Opportunity knocks

neighborhood, house


Homeowners seeking to save some money on mortgage payments can celebrate:…

Microsoft: New Band gizmo can make you a 'better human'

Microsoft file

Reuters image

Microsoft has launched a new smartwatch, and it makes some majorly lofty…

US economy chugging along at 3.5% growth

Closeup of dollar bill, money, George Washington

Trish Parisy/SXC

The American economy had a smooth summer.

Gross domestic product…

Costco isn't the only store closed on Thanksgiving day


Rich Brooks/CNN

Once upon a time, you could eat Thanksgiving dinner without worrying…

Tim Cook comes out: 'I'm proud to be gay'

Tim Cook at Apple event

Robert Galbraith/Reuters

Apple CEO Tim Cook came out Thursday, acknowledging publicly for the…

North Dakota leads decline in homelessness



The nation's homeless population, and especially the number of families…

The world is running out of plasma TVs

Plasma TVs

Ferre' Dollar/CNN

The last company to make plasma TV screens for U.S. consumers said this…

Men are buying up these $1,200 sneakers

$1,200 sneakers

Alejandro Ingelmo

They can be colorful, shiny, blinged out and even fuzzy. And they're…

Stock market has very Happy Halloween

Wall Street sign

October turned out to be quite the treat for investors.

Take a look at…

Dirty tricks of the student loan industry

Student loan receipt

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau put student loan servicers on…