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Chinese homebuyers are flocking to these US states

Homes neighborhood

Chinese buyers are now the biggest international players in the U.S.…

Citi inks $7 billion mortgage settlement

Citibank Citigroup Citi

Jim Young/Reuters

Citigroup agreed to pay $7 billion to settle charges that it packaged bad…

A check is in the mail for 6.8 million people

Check blurb


More than 6.8 million Americans will get a refund from their health…

Global economy still limping along


Stock Xchng

The world economy is stuck in low gear even as the risks to growth mount,…

S&P 500 inches to new high ... but not 2,000

NYSE file 4

Amy Sahba/CNN

The major gauges barely budged Thursday, but it was a big day for buyout…

Your mail delivered. After dark

Late mail delivery

CNNMoney/US Postal Service

Mail is supposed to hit your mailbox before 5 p.m. But thanks to…

Walmart to battle US slump with new leader

Greg Foran

Courtesy Walmart

Walmart wants a new guy to help break out of its U.S. sales doldrums.

GM to pay victims at least $400 million

General Motors


General Motors expects to pay between $400 million to $600 million to…

Rotten bosses come in at least 6 different flavors

boss shouting at employee in office

iStock / kirza

We asked CNNMoney readers to tell us what makes a rotten boss. Based on…

Facebook at all-time high on mobile might

Facebook mobile blurb


It wasn't long ago that Facebook was widely seen as having a "mobile…

Only 3 in 10 Twitter workers are women


Ferre' Dollar/CNN

Twitter's staff looks just like that of other tech companies:…

'Pristine' original Superman comic up for auction

Action Comics No 1

From eBay

Superman's debut comic book sold for just 10 cents in 1938. But today, a…

That was fast -- New records for some stock indexes

NYSE floor file 3

Emmanuel Tambakakis/CNN

It wasn't exactly "shock-and-awe," but stocks churned out another record…

GM recalls 718,000 more vehicles

GM dealership

Carlos Barria/Reuters

In a year clogged with a record number of recalls, General Motors had…

Apple sued by employees over labor issues


David Goldman/

Apple has another employee lawsuit to contend with.