New technology improving surgery

Mako RoboticArm
Technology is always advancing in the medical field. Bingham Memorial Hospital demonstrated its latest advancement.
The Mako Robotic-Arm is used to increase precision and accuracy during knee and hip surgeries.
The hospital is the only one in Eastern Idaho to use this technology and the first hospital to do a total knee application in the state.
They've done about 40 surgeries with it in the last three months. Doctors say it's an improvement for patients.
"We're excited to be able to offer this technology to the patients in our area because we truly believe that it will lead to better outcomes and better patient satisfaction," says Dr. Peterson, Orthopedic Surgeon.
Something that patient, Donna Permann is experiencing. She had a knee procedure done using this technology just nine days ago.
"I'm able to get up and get going on it much quicker, things are progressing much more. It's not nearly as painful and I'm just thrilled and excited about the way things are going," says Permann.

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