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Pocatello-Chubbuck non-profit orgs. get amped-up for "Idaho Gives"

Idaho Gives Campaign Kicks-Off

On Thursday, the second, annual "Idaho Gives" campaign was well-underway…

Idaho Gives: Raising Money for Local Non-Profits

Nonprofit organizations across Idaho are raising money today for the first…

Idaho Gives Benefits Local Dance Company

Public can donate to non-profits around the state.

Idaho Gives: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeastern Idaho

Idahoans are being asked to give to nonprofit groups throughout the state…

Idaho Gives: Bingham County Humane Society needs your help

There are more animals than space in shelters across the state, including…

Find out more about Idaho Gives

More than 70 southeast Idaho nonprofits are participating in Idaho Gives on May 2. See the complete list of nonprofits, as well as more details on the campaign here.


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