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Courtesy of Jackson Hole News and Guide

Talks to fix Wyoming landslide move as slowly as ground itself

The Town of Jackson and property owners are negotiating how they might share what it will cost to stop a slow-moving landslide that for a while threatened to wipe out several homes and businesses last year.

Courtesy of Jackson Hole News and Guide

Drainage system planned in Jackson landslide area

The Jackson Town Council is making arrangements with property owners to build a runoff drainage system near a slow-moving landslide.

Courtesy of Jackson Hole News and Guide

Town plans to buy or force sale of landslide property

The town of Jackson wants to stabilize a hillside where a slow-moving landslide destroyed a house this spring and threatened others, and will seek to force a sale if they can't negotiate a purchase price with the owners.

Courtesy of Jackson Hole News and Guide

Jackson landslide stabilization to begin in 2015

Work will begin next spring on a project to permanently stabilize a slow-moving landslide that has been affecting a neighborhood in Jackson.

Courtesy of Jackson Hole News and Guide

Engineer warns of winter's effect on Jackson slide

An engineer is warning that the effects of winter could speed up a slow-moving landslide in Jackson.

Jackson issues evacuation order

Hillside still on the move in Jackson

The unstable hillside in Jackson is continuing to slide slowly.

Possibly 1 to 2 inches of hillside movement each day

Luke Jones, KIFI/KIDK

Most Jackson residents return to homes

Most residents evacuated due to a slow-moving landslide in the Wyoming resort town of Jackson are being allowed to return to their homes.

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Courtesy of Bradly J. Boner/Jackson Hole News & Guide

Hillside Complex to reopen as landslide slows

Some residents and businesses evacuated in the Budge Drive landslide will be able to return Wednesday.

Click here to see more of livestream video of the Budge Drive slide provided by the Town of Jackson.

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