Below are translator locations for NPG of Idaho properties including KIFI, KIDK and KXPI. If you see a problem with a translator location, please call the phone number for that translator. You can also email our office at

KIFI Translators: 208-525-8888 ext. 4

Digital Signal 

Annis Butte (near Rexburg) -- K22IK-D

Burley -- K24HU-D

Challis Area -- K22IM-­D

Driggs -- K27KP-­D

Mt. Howard (Pocatello) -- K21JC-­D

Rendezvous (Jackson, WY) -- K29HG-­D

Snow King (Jackson, WY) -- K36JD-­D

Analog Signal 

Lava Hot Springs - K13CO

South Park (Jackson, WY) -- K09LF

KIDK Translators: 208-522-5100 ext. 4

Digital Signal 

Annis Butte (near Rexburg) -- 

Mt. Howard (Pocatello) -- KXPI

Mt. Targhee (Teton Valley) -- K07QC

Challis Area -- K10AW

Lava Hot Springs -- K11CP

Other Translators NOT owned by NPG of Idaho

KIFI Translators:


Leadore -- K13RV-D

Leadore -- K23JH-­D