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'Jurassic World' lives up to expectations

Jurassic World 3

Universal Pictures

Before you head to the theater to see "Jurassic World," find out what our…

Movies about dinosaurs

Jurassic World 2

Universal Pictures

As "Jurassic World" opens in theaters, take a look back at other movies…

5 worst superhero movies of all time

spilled box of movie popcorn


No matter what critics say, the makers of this summer's crop of superhero…

Top 5 superhero movies of all time

Avengers Age of Ultron Hemsworth


As "Avengers: The Age of Ultron" opens in theaters May 1, take a look at…

Does 'Avengers' sequel live up to its hype?

Avengers Age of Ultron


Find out what our reviewer thought of "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

U.S. exclusive: Helena Bonham Carter talks magic of 'Cinderella'

Walt Disney Pictures

"Cinderella" star Helena Bonham Carter talks with movie reporter Tim…

Kenneth Branagh thrilled over opportunity to direct live-action '...

Walt Disney Pictures

Director Kenneth Branagh talks about his live-action update of "…

Bruce Campbell stands up for fans with new ConTV show

"Evil Dead" star and convention favorite Bruce Campbell talks about…

Movie adaptation of 'The DUFF' fun stuff for book's author

CBS Films

Young adult novel author Kody Keplinger talks about the new big-screen…

Don't get suckered into 'The Interview'

The Interview

Columbia Pictures

Find out why our reviewer warns you not to get caught up in the hype…


The films of Morgan Freeman

morgan freeman

Warner Bros./IMAX

Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman has built up an impressive resume as…

Mark Wahlberg through the years

Mark Wahlberg in Contraband

Universal Studios

As he stars in "Ted 2," take a look at images of Mark Wahlberg through…

Amanda Seyfried through the years

 Amanda Seyfried

Courtney/Wikimedia Commons

Amanda Seyfried has been acting since she was a teen. As she celebrates…

Meryl Streep through the years



Meryl Streep has had a legendary career. Take a look back at images of…

Neil Patrick Harris through the years

Neil Patrick Harris HIMYM


Take a look back at images of Neil Patrick Harris throughout his career.

Johnny Depp through the years

AIW Premiere Johnny Depp closeup

Walt Disney Pictures Image

Actor Johnny Depp has played an array of characters throughout his career…

Angelina Jolie through the years

Angelina Jolie_Unbroken

Universal Studios

Angelina Jolie has enjoyed a variety of roles in her career. As she…

What it takes to be a part of an ‘Entourage’


Warner Bros.

See what some real-life celebrity entourage members have to do to keep the…

Who will make cameos in 'Entourage'?

Entourage Jeremy Piven

Warner Bros.

Check out some celebrities who could be making cameo appearances in "…

Clint Eastwood through the years

Clint Eastwood, Invictus

Warner Bros. Image

Feeling lucky? Well, then make your day by revisiting the career of Clint…


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