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What screening tests should women have?

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Click here to see which screening tests women should have done to take…

Cancer patients at peace with having healthy breast removed

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More women with cancer in one breast are opting to have both breasts…

Foods that fight breast cancer?

Breast Cancer Survivor Eating Healthy Food


Take a look at some of the foods -- including onions and walnuts -- that…

Are the things you eat linked to cancer?

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Besides the usual suspects we worry about when it comes to our diets,…

What are different kinds of breast cancer?

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When you hear "breast cancer" it can actually mean one of several kinds of…

Treatment plan should be based on specific type of breast cancer

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Find out why some types of breast cancer have different survival rates…

Marathon runner fights against breast cancer

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After battling breast cancer, one woman puts back on her running shoes to…

My fight against breast cancer: Pamela


Listen as Pamela tells the story of her fight against breast cancer.

Breast cancer can cause symptoms other than lump


Experts explain other symptoms you should be aware of that could signal…

Genetic testing for inherited breast cancer

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Angelina Jolie's decision to undergo a double mastectomy earlier this year…


Coping with chemotherapy side effects

Breast cancer chemotherapy


Chemotherapy can cause side effects in patients. Find out what to expect…

Coaching helps women check breasts well

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Self-examinations can help women find problems with their breasts even…

Staying active during, after cancer treatment

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Exercise can improve how cancer patients function physically, as well as…

5 ways you can help fight breast cancer

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Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to make a difference when it…

Yoga can benefit cancer survivors


Find out how yoga can benefit cancer survivors.

10 simple ways to live longer, healthier

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Would you be willing to sleep in more to add another two years to your…

Breast cancer: What to ask after diagnosis

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Learning you have breast cancer can come as a shock. After coping with…

How the pink ribbon came to represent breast cancer

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When you see a pink ribbon, most people can identify that it represents a…

Ways to be proactive against breast cancer

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If you think you are at risk for breast cancer there are some things you…

Lumpectomy vs. mastectomy

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When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer one of the decisions she…