Family starts a food box in their front yard

Local family creates food pantry in their front yard

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Thanksgiving may be over but one local family is still in the spirit of giving. The Tiblow family in Idaho Falls has a food pantry in their front yard.

People can come to the box and give what they want and take what they need. Megan and her dad, Gary, started this for people who may be too shy to ask for the help they need.

"Some of them are more outgoing and some are more nervous, like how I would be. It just allows a wider range of people to get help," Megan Tiblow.

They haven't had to refill the box since it was put up a month ago. The community just continues to add to it.

She says her inspiration comes from her mom, Tesra Tiblow, who started the Facebook page "Idaho Falls Blessings."

"My mom has always been open to helping people. We've been taking people in since before the pages. So it's just kind of been in my nature my whole life."

And they believe it's  a part of their job to help the community.

"Its the community taking care of the community the way it should be," says Gary Tiblow.

If you would like to donate to the box or take what you need, you can find the address in the group "Idaho Falls Blessings" here.


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