Keeping children safe at the fair


BLACKFOOT, Idaho - It's day two of the Eastern Idaho State Fair. While everyone is having fun, safety is still a must, especially for the little ones.

Police say lost children is the number one incident reported. With the large crowds we will be seeing at the fair, it's important to keep kids safe.

In the event that your child is lost, here's what to do.

"They can go to any first-aid station or lost child, which is located at the entrance of the carnival and we'll start looking for their child. Get a description of them. A smart thing they can do is write a phone number on the kid's hands or give them a piece of paper with their name and phone number," says Bart Whiting, Idaho Falls Police Department.

They say they get several calls about lost children a day, but there are ways to keep your kids safe.

"There are two or three of us that take all of the kids and they have been instructed to stay with us and not get out of sight. They hold hands with each other," says Rose Jones, parent.

"Keep them next to you, keep them in sight. We all have a good time here at the fair. It's easy to get distracted but just think of your child's safety first," says Whiting.

They say there are about 40 officers on the fair grounds. They usually find kids quickly but it's best to prevent the situation.



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