Food For Friends giveaway Week 1

Food For Friends giveaway Week 1

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIDK/KXPI) - Allie Gardner is the "Food For Friends" winner from Week 1. She won a $200 gift card from Albertsons. For every gift card the grocery chain gives away on, it will match that same amount for a local family in need.    

KIDK Eyewitness News 3 gave away that gift card Monday at the Idaho Falls Community Food Basket. Eyewitness News anchor Todd Kunz and weather forecaster Steve Cannon met a woman named "Becky." They surprised her with the card after they found out she has seven people in her household and cares for others as a home health aide.

"What's that like?" ask Kunz.

"Um, its a very difficult job, but it's very rewarding at the end of the day," said Becky.

"I hear challenge and I hear rewarding. What's the challenge?" asked Kunz.

"The challenge is, sometimes you deal with a lot of difficult people, but also, we don't get paid that much to go in and do our job," said Becky.

"And the reward?" asked Kunz.

"It just makes you feel good at the end of the day knowing you helped somebody," said Becky.

"It does work that way, doesn't it?" said Kunz.

"It does," said Becky.

"So with that in mind, Steve, what do you have there?" said Kunz, pointing to what Steve Cannon was holding in his hands.

"You know, because it's so difficult to do what you do, not only for a living, but to take care of all of those people, we're hopefully going to give you a little bit of some help. This Albertsons gift card is worth $200 and it's all yours," said Cannon.

"Thanks. I'm shocked. I really am. Yeah! It hasn't set in," said Becky.

"So you didn't know about that?" asked Kunz.

"I'm shocked because I haven't had this kind of help before. The food bank has been my only source of getting that help," said Becky.

"You're typically the helper and now you are on the other side of the equation. What does that feel like?" asked Kunz.

"It feels good, but it's also hard. It's difficult sometimes to have to ask for help and show that you need it because you're actually the one whose helping somebody else," said Becky.

"That's OK. That's OK. Well, enjoy that," said Kunz.

"Thank you!" said Becky.

"And I hope that helps out your family from Albertsons," said Kunz.

"It will," said Becky. "Thank you."

There are six more giveaways to win. Click here to enter to win a $200 gift card from Albertsons. Or click under the "marketplace" tab at the top of this page and look for "Food For Friends."

Albertsons will also match those cards to give to those in need.

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