Idaho Falls store selling THC free Hemp Cannabidiol products

Local store selling CBD products

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Idaho Falls is home to a new business. Snake River Solace will be selling THC-free Hemp Cannabidiol products.

"We want to promote health. We want to promote wellness and benefit to the community and give them a different choice," says Cody Hellickson, president of Snake River Solace.

Snake River Solace will begin selling CBD products which is from the hemp plant.

"It's technically from the cannabis, Sativa ale plant but there's more than one genus from this plant and the plant ours is derived from is the Industrial Hemp plant that since 2014 or 2015 the Farming Act has excluded it from the Controlled Substance Act," says Hellickson.

They say it's an isolate meaning that THC is extracted.

"We have nothing to do with that. It's industrial hemp from seeds, and stalks and stems it doesn't come from the buds or anything that would get you in that state of euphoria," says Ryan Thatcher, vice president of Snake River Solace.

The product is said to have benefits for people who suffer from seizures or Alzheimers and those with chronic pain. Something that Hellickson and Thatcher say they have experienced.

"I have grinding in my hand. For a couple hours after that, it was five drops you just rub it in. Eventually, it just wore off, it's not a cure all end all type thing but it took the pain away," says Thatcher

Hellickson says the oil was recommended to him after he became dependent on prescription medication after a spinal surgery.

"Upon trying that during my painful period of almost 8 months I was completely, within three weeks, was able to quit using the pain medication they had provided me and start using this CBD to ease it. So as of now, I'm pretty much pain-free."

Snake River Solace says they're planning to open on Friday.  They are located at 1120 S. Blvd. Suite 102.

They will sell CBD products in multiple forms and even have some for pets that may have cancer or seizures. The products are from a company called "Global CBD" based in Sandpoint, ID.

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