"Our culture is saturated with sex, but we're not given great info about how to talk effectively about sex. We see it on billboards and TV but when we're talking about sexual wants, needs and boundaries, people don't have good language or models for how to approach that."

Lasting impressions

Time will tell if the orientation workshops, posters and fliers have a lasting impact on students. Yoon-Hendricks said the session at Berkeley made an impression on her, but she acknowledges there was a lot of snickering in the crowd around her.

"To kids who giggle every time someone says sex, I don't think it was as informative as it could've been," she said. "But they did a good job of illustrating the point in a short period of time."

One thing missing from the presentation? More transparency about Berkeley's history with the issue.

"I think they're trying very, very hard to illustrate the problem on campus. However, they didn't even acknowledge fact that UC system is in trouble because of this issue," she said.

"Full disclosure would've been appreciated from most of the students."