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With several weeks having passed since Thailand's nationwide curfew was completely lifted, Bangkok's nightlife is back in full swing.

Not only are tourists returning to the city's usual party haunts, from Khao San Road to Sukhumvit soi 11, they're coming back to notorious red light districts, such as Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.

Despite the evolution of Bangkok's sophisticated nightlife scene, these areas continue to offer what many tourists consider an essential Bangkok experience.

For some tempted to sample a slice of the city's seedier side, however, the tales can be off-putting.

Stories of that "one night in Bangkok" gone wrong are a consistent topic of posts in travel forums, ranging from complaints of paying ridiculously high prices for drinks at seedy sex shows to claims by victims of being drugged in red light zones only to wake up in hotel rooms with a headache and an empty wallet.

Now, at least two companies are now cashing in on the demand from timid thrill seekers who want to safely experience Bangkok's infamously raunchy shows and scandalous fetish clubs by offering the security of a chaperoned, well planned and efficient evening.

Guests can customize their night on the town by choosing where to go, such as visiting a transsexual bar or doing a deeper descent into escapades too graphic to detail here.

Alternately, tourists can go in for lofty, first-class treatment with fine dining, expensive cigars and high-brow entertainment -- but most customers prefer to cut to the chase and book a red-lit bar crawl, say tour organizers.

These streamlined door-to-door tours include a chauffeured air-conditioned van, lots of alcohol and a guide who stays with the group the entire time.

Customers usually go with friends, relatives or colleagues on private tours to celebrate a birthday or pre-wedding bash for a bride or groom, or just for fun while on vacation in Thailand.

Tyson-style tats a must

The Bangkok Hangover Tour offers an imaginative and theatrical visit to some of the city's best bars and nightclubs, and honors the Hollywood movie "Hangover Part II," which is set primarily in Bangkok.

The Hangover Tour begins in the same bar on Soi Cowboy where several of the movie's scenes were filmed.

In the movie, one of the lead characters unknowingly cavorts with a transgender Thai before waking up to discover a Maori-style Mike Tyson tattoo on his face.

To emphasize that guests will be following some of that character's footsteps, Hangover Tour guides stick a washable Maori tattoo on all the guests' faces, heightening the sense of being in their own version of the movie.

When the Hangover Tour recently guided the Johnson family from Kent, England, through Bangkok's nightlife, the family allowed CNN to tag along.

Sons 'come of age' on Hangover tour

After the guide adorned the mother, father and their two young adult sons with Maori tattoo stickers, the visitors watched a nude show at another Soi Cowboy bar, eyes widening as their drinks kicked in.

Their van then shuttled them to nearby Nana Entertainment Zone, where transgender ladies in bikinis nuzzled the giggling family.

At another bar, both sons were lured on stage where two nude women spanked them with paddles made of harmless sponge, while the crowded bar's patrons roared with delight.

"My sons have absolutely come of age," marveled the 52-year-old father, Phil. "Because they're slightly reserved, the guys. Anything like this, they're not used to. They've grown up.

"And we are actually acting the movie."

"It's weird, because we are going in all the bars that they went in, in the movie, and basically you're re-living what they did in the film," said 21-year-old Brad, after his onstage experience.

"You go into these bars and it's incredible what you see. It's strange. You don't expect it to be how it is."

The tattoo sticker "acts like a mask ... and you just forget about who you are back home, and you just sort of go with it," said Brad.