Ammon Road safety concerns

Local women express safety concerns...

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Drivers need to keep in mind that we share the roads with cyclists and pedestrians. Two local women want to bring awareness to the safety conditions of Ammon Road.

"The problem is, you have people that drive and they will go around people turning left," says Shari Bruce.

 "A lot of people who lived here for a while are concerned. They're just concerned about the safety of our children, families, our husbands biking to work and even just other cars in general," says Emily Tawzer.

I rode along with Emily to see their concerns first hand. Sure enough, cars did pass us on the right.

"They slow down a little bit but let's face it, they fly by you. I've had it where I'll be stopped turning left, and I'll have three or four people go around me," says Bruce.

The Idaho Statute says when it's okay to pass on the right but makes it clear to be careful.

"As long as you stay on the pavement while you're making that pass on the right. What comes along with that is responsibility to do that safely. Make sure there's no pedestrians or bicycles, other traffic that's entering or crossing the roadway," says Sgt. Bryan Lovell, Bonneville County Sheriff's Office.

When it comes to crossroads, this could cause an accident.

"When you attempt to pass on the right and the vehicle ahead of you is turning left or there's traffic that could enter from a driveway or intersection then you would have to yield the right away to that vehicle. It could put you in a circumstance where it's not a safe pass," says Lovell.

All in all, patience is key.

"Be patient, be safe in what you're doing. Whenever you're passing a car and that doesn't matter if at speed or passing in traffic or you're trying to get around. The best practice is to be safe. Watch the area where you're going, where you want to go," says Lovell.

"Slow down and stop and wait for that person to turn left, you could prevent yourself from hitting somebody, heaven forbid. And that's almost happened to a lot of us," says Tawzer.

There is a $90 fine for illegal passes. That's a basic moving infraction and that could be more if you are involved in an accident.

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