Record number of cars towed for violating winter weather restrictions

Snow parking ordinance enforced

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - The winter weather is here and the snow plows are out. Anytime there is at least two inches of snow in Idaho Falls, the city calls out the plows.

That process could take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours they want to get the roads clear for future storms.

"What we're out doing right now is trying to remove as much snow as we can from residential areas now that we're done with our primary routes. So that pavement can actually be bared Off because we have some fairly warm temperatures that we anticipate over the next few days so we're hoping the sunlight will help us bare off some of that pavement," says Chris Frederickson, Public Works.

The city police department also wants to remind you to remove your cars from the street. When it snows more than two inches, you are required to move your car so the roads can be plowed. More than 200 cars have been towed.

"We have set a record for most cars towed. We don't want to tow vehicles but when we have to plow we're kind of forced to do that. This isn't something the police department is enjoying doing but if we can get people to move their cars on their own so we don't have to tow them then they don't get tickets, cars don't get towed and we get our streets towed in a much quicker time," says Capt. Royce Clements.

All cars in "Zone A" are required to move their cars. The city has a map on its website showing which streets are in that zone.

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