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Worst Valentine's gifts you can give her

man giving woman present gift


How can you be sure her Valentine's Day gift will be met with adulation…

Best ways to propose to a woman

Engagement ring

When asking the woman of your dreams to be your wife you want to make sure…

Worst ways to propose to a woman

Engagement, marriage proposal, proposal

iStock / Eva-Katalin

When popping the question to the woman you want to spend the rest of your…

Gift of jewelry: Always a hit

Valentines Day hearts with flower petals_cropped


Whether you're buying a ring to pop the question or a precious piece for…

5 acting couples who met on set

movie slate, clapper, set

iStock / Yurdakul

With little time to date outside of work, it's no wonder celebrities fall…

Best B&Bs for seducing your sweetheart

hotel, luggage

iStock / albln

Looking for love in all the wrong places? You're sure to have romantic…

Break these travel habits and save



When you travel there are probably some things that you've gotten used to…

Valentine's flowers have several meanings

Not sure of the right type of flower to get your sweetheart this…

Are karats, carats the same thing?

Engagement ring

If you're talking about jewelery, you need to know the difference between…

Chocolate not only option for Valentine's Day


With Valentine's Day on its way, there are certainly many things that you…


Stay-at-home date ideas

middle-aged couple drinking wine on date


You don’t have to go out to have a fun or romantic evening with your loved…

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re single

women dancing at party

iStock / shironosov

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate – and even…

Valentine's Day date ideas are boundless

iStock Image

Can't think of a special evening out? From classic ideas to fun…

Ways for parents, kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family

Family baking


Valentine’s Day can be a fun holiday for both kids and adults. On this…

5 Valentine's Day pet peeves

woman ripping paper heart breakup


As you grin and bear your way through Valentine's Day, rest assured…

Worst romantic comedies ever made

couple on couch with TV remote and popcorn

iStock / diego_cervo

Romantic comedies can be a tough genre to pull off. Without the right…

Ideas for kids Valentine’s Day parties

mom with kids_cookies


Valentine’s Day can be a fun holiday for kids. If you’re thinking about…

5 all-time steamiest movie scenes

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian

Universal Pictures

Voyeuristic views of a stairway tryst, raw animalism and sadomasochistic…

Creative, homemade Valentine's Day ideas

Valentine's Day card

As Valentine’s Day approaches, consider going to the craft store instead…

10 romantic film favorites

Looking for some romantic movie ideas for Valentine's Day? Try these…

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