Below is a list of contested races in eastern Idaho. Uncontested races and cities with all uncontested races are not listed.

Some candidates' websites are linked to their names in the website (not the app) version of this list. If you know of a candidate's website that is not linked here, please email

Cities are listed by county.

Bannock County



  • Kevin B. England
  • Brent L. Marshall
  • Craig Brainard

City Council (vote for 2)

  • Earl Phippen
  • Rich Rommel
  • Douglas D. Collier
  • Glen Cranor
  • Joshua D. Ellis
  • Ryan S. Lewis
  • Jeffrey L. Mansfield
  • Craig W. Parrish


City Council (vote for 2)

  • Larry Burden
  • Grant A. Johnson
  • Clarence D. Wilson
  • Robin L. Wilson

Lava Hot Springs

City Council (vote for 2)

  • Tamara Davids
  • John "Jack" Fleming
  • George Linford
  • Nathleen Rife
  • Cathy Sher



City Council Seat 4 (vote for 1)

  • Barbara Pancoast
  • Kevin Perry
  • Mark Villano
  • Craig Cooper
  • Amy Manning

City Council Seat 5 (vote for 1)

  • Roger Bray
  • Michael Orr

City Council Seat 6 (vote for 1)

  • Gary Moore
  • Charlene Young

Bear Lake County