"So you've got the kinesthetic of the writing. You've got the visual of seeing it on paper, you've got the smell of the burning and you've got all these different things that are the senses help process and say ok, we'll get rid of that," said Reynolds.

The last key element is to open your mind to understanding faith and fear. Reynolds says both concepts come from faith.

"One is faith that the bad is going to happen. one is faith that the good is going to happen," said Reynolds.

He added with an open mind and a few easy steps, anyone can learn to become their best self.

Reynolds will hold a free class at the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce, Saturday March, 9th from 6:00 p.m. To 8:00 p.m.

He also offers one-on-one mentoring and coaching on de-cluttering your home. He can be contacted by email mikeisyourmentor@gmail.com or 208.227.3272