Suicide survivors met in Pocatello on Saturday to help bring attention to a growing need for help.

The turnout was sobering, dozens of people most of who have lost a friend or relative.

"As you can imagine, with times the way they are, we are seeing more and more issues related to mental health and the issues of suicide,” Portneuf Medical Center Behavioral Health Director Charlie Aasand said.

Aasand said those left behind are left with burning questions in their minds.

"They question why, what could I have done, what happened in our family, what happened in our relationship, that would have driven someone to seek such an end?” Aasand said.

Those putting on the event said in the United States issues of mental health and suicide are growing.

Idaho is one of a few states without a suicide hotline, but Aasand said that could soon change.

"We've spoken with legislators about that. We understand that there is some opportunity that they're working on so that we can put together maybe a joint venture with other states or organizations,” Aasand said.