Earlier in January, the Boise-based dollar store chain Honk's filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


As part of the filing,  the chain is closing several Idaho stores, including an Idaho Falls location, and the store in Blackfoot. 

The Blackfoot closure in Riverside Plaza is particularly noticeable.

“It makes me very sad,” said Rockford resident Peggy Wagner. 

Wagner stopped by the Blackfoot Honk's store Tuesday evening to take advantage of the store's closing sale. But she said the sale is bittersweet. 

“It's kind of an indication of where our economy's going,” she said. 

Over the past 6 years, Wagner said she's watched a changing landscape in Blackfoot. 

“I was also extremely sad when the movie theater shut down,” she said. 

Wagner said many stores have come and gone from the Riverside Plaza. 

Department of Labor regional economist and Bingham Economic Development Corp vice president Dan Cravens said stores may indeed come and go from Blackfoot, but it’s not necessarily a solid economic indicator. 

It doesn’t mean there aren’t concerns, though. 

 “A lot of the concerns are really things external to the county that we wish we had control over better, but you just don't know,” said Cravens. 


Cravens said just because Honk's and other businesses have put Blackfoot in their rear-view mirrors, doesn't mean the sun is setting on the town's economy.