“Right now things are moving in the right direction,” he said. 


But there are always those “external” concerns. 

Cravens said, Blackfoot's position in between Idaho Falls and Pocatello means the town is subject to economic factors largely out of its control, like funding for the Idaho National Lab. But there are a lot of positive trends in Blackfoot, he said. 

A lot of people in Bingham County and Blackfoot shop locally.

Cravens said a big economic boost could be around the bend, especially if research at the INL comes to Blackfoot in the form of a new product or business. 


“Then very good things will happen economically,” said Cravens. 

Still, Wagner said it's hard to see any business leave. 


“I try to tell myself, well something else will come and take it's place,” said Wagner. “Just have to wait and see, I guess.”