An estimated 1,000 people took to the streets of Idaho Falls in support of 2nd Amendment rights on Saturday. 


The group's organizers say the massive demonstration isn't exclusively about guns -- it's about freedom. 

“Are all of you Americans?” shouted organizer Chad Christensen, to a resounding response from the crowd. 


The large crowd crossed the Broadway Bridge in downtown Idaho Falls in a trek from the Bonneville County courthouse to the Shilo Inn. 


“This isn't about guns, I believe,” said Christensen. “It's about our freedom and our liberty and our childrens’ future.” 


Through city streets, marchers took their message -- one mixed with support for second amendment principles, and protest of President Obama's gun control measures.

“Gun control itself misses the mark,” said marcher Bryant Beasley. 

Beasley marched with his gun. He said he's passionate about leaving the 2nd Amendment the way it's written to remain the same. 

“Criminals are more afraid of someone with a gun than without a gun,” he said. 

The Shilo Inn marked the end of the line for marchers. There, organizers gathered signatures.

“The petition we are signing is to tell legislators about our plan to stand up against gun control,” said Christensen. 

Christensen said he hopes a massive turnout will get lawmakers to pay attention.

“There were a lot of people here,” said marcher Mary Williams.