Idaho Falls food bank needs continue after holidays

POSTED: 05:54 PM MST Jan 08, 2013 

Although the giving time of the year is over, area food banks and food pantries still need help.

The Idaho Falls Community Food Bank helped a record number of people needing assistance and hit a record number in food donations at the same time.

"We've been feeding about 800 families a month, and that's been all year long," said Buck Horton, food bank chairman.

While you would think the food bank's supply would be depleted after the holidays, think again. November and December are the two months where people donate the most.

"We've been blessed by this community," said Horton. "They've brought in a lot of food, so we haven't had to purchase food in the last two months... but the needing time is 12 months."

The food bank received nearly 200,000 lbs in food donations during the holidays; that's one-fourth of the year's total donated goods.

A lot of it is stored in the basement while the shelves are full. But even though the bank is stocked now, Horton said it'll be empty soon.

"This year was a record year. We had almost 32,000 people that we fed," said Horton. "Back 15 years ago when I came into the program, we were feeding less than 10,000 people every year so it has tripled."

Protein-based food items such as peanut butter, beans and canned tuna fly off the shelves the quickest. Canned fruit and pasta products are also popular.

"We went well over 800,000 lbs of food last year, which is another one of those records," Horton. "We don't like those records. I'd like to see zero people come in."

The Idaho Falls Community Food Bank is located at 245 North Placer.

It's open Monday through Friday from 4-5 p.m.

To donate, call Horton at 208-390-1952 to schedule a drop-off time.