Power County celebrates centennial

Local people remember the past and celebrate the present and future

POSTED: 06:41 PM MST Feb 16, 2013    UPDATED: 11:32 AM MST Feb 18, 2013 

Power County is celebrating 100 years of existence.  It's an area full of history, as so many of the people who live there are descendants of the original settlers.  

“This is where we call home," said American Falls Mayor Marc Beitia.

As with any city or county, the people of American Falls and surrounding area take a great deal of pride in their community.  

"The people here I don't think you're going to find kinder people anywhere," continues Mayor Beitia.  "Idaho is that way.  You know, most small towns are hometowns to a lot of folks and they certainly make you feel welcome, I know they certainly did when we moved here."  

Power County is home to about 7,800 people, one of them born in 1927, the year after the entire town was relocated for the creation of the American Falls Dam.  

"I know my dad helped build the dam with horses and team," said Vernon Miller, retired farmer. "Then we went to Rockland and lived on a farm up there for many years."

Miller has been calling Power County home for most of his life, as most of his passions are there as well.

"Well it's great hunting, or it has been in the past, it's slowing down now," Miller said. "The fishing has been great since they built that dam and put the reservoir in, it's been real great fishing."  

Buildings and recreational activities aside, Power County prides itself on kind, hardworking people, whose families have lived in town since it was founded.  

"I don't think you're going to find a nicer place to live. One of the reasons I guess I like it so much is it's close to the things that we like to do the most," Beitia said. "We're outdoor enthusiasts, I guess you could say, I'm an avid fly-fisherman and backpacker.  It doesn't get much better than this area and if you want more experiences anything you want is within two hours."  

Power County Sheriff Jim Jeffries spoke at Saturday's event, and he happens to be the grandson of the very first Power County Sheriff.