Roberts Woman Gives Birth In Van

POSTED: 09:31 AM MDT Apr 11, 2012    UPDATED: 09:42 AM MDT Apr 12, 2012 

A Roberts woman's mad dash to the hospital was interrupted by the delivery of her baby in an Idaho Falls parking lot.

Baby Burns let out a big yawn Wednesday afternoon with good reason. He came into the world weeks ahead of schedule.

"There was absolutely no stopping him," said mom Maude Burns. "He chose his own day."

Baby Burns also chose his own place.

On Tuesday, Maude Burns' doctor said she was still on track for a May delivery.

However, when she went home, she battled intense contractions all night, and by 1:30 a.m., she knew she was in labor.

"I got a little bit scared," said Maude Burns.

So, she called her mom, Patricia Burns, who decided driving to Mountain View Hospital would be faster than waiting for an ambulance.

Maude Burns laid down in the back seat as Patricia Burns sped down Interstate 15.

"You know, going this way and that way, curves and all that, and I can feel the baby and he's just moving," said Maude Burns.

"She yells, 'Mom, the baby's head's out. His head's out,'" said Patricia Burns.

Patricia Burns pulled off the road into the House of Colors parking lot on Lincoln Road. Her 40 years of nursing experience kicked in, and she delivered her own grandson.

"(I) got back there and got him and wiped his little face, tipped him over ... and he makes sounds and fussing and stuff," said Patricia Burns.

Mom and baby checked into Mountain View happy and healthy. He was still without a first name Wednesday, but he already had one heck of an adventure under his belt.

"We have a family campout, so we have a story for this year," said Patricia Burns.

If the baby is anything like his delivery, there will be plenty more stories to come.

The family said Patricia Burns' van will forever be known as the "birth-mobile."