Suspected White House Shooter Met With Idaho Falls Computer Consultant

POSTED: 05:40 AM MST Nov 16, 2011    UPDATED: 06:45 AM MST Nov 16, 2011 

A local man contacted us Wednesday to tell his side of a bizarre meeting he had in early July with suspected White House shooter Oscar Ortega-Hernandez.

We canvassed two different neighborhoods connected to Ortega through an extensive background check we ran Wednesday.

We knocked, but no one answered.

Computer consultant Monte McCall called us after seeing Ortega-Hernandez's picture.

"As soon as I clicked on the story on my iPad there was this picture and i was like 'uh oh,'" said McCall.

McCall said the picture was Ortega-Hernandez, the same man who contacted him in July and asked to meet.

McCall agreed and the two met at Ortega-Hernandez's parents' restaurant, Puerto Vallarta, in Idaho Falls.

"He said 'Well you know how all these children are missing and being kidnapped?' and I said 'Well I guess.' And he goes, 'Well you know the President is going to make an announcement that they're going put GPS chips in all the children," McCall detailed his conversation with Ortega-Hernandez. "'Which is exactly the kind of thing the anti-christ would do.' And I said, 'well I don't think Obama's the antichrist.'"

McCall described an uncomfortable meeting.

He said Ortega-Hernandez seemed pleasant. But in his opinion, the subject matter was something else.

"The subject matter he had was unstable," said McCall. "He definitely believed in everything he said."

Some of it was about the Mayan calendar's prediction of the world's end in 2012.

"It's all going to end, and everything is over. He seemed very sincere in what he believed," McCall said.

McCall said Ortega-Hernandez was holding pages of worn, handwritten notes. He didn't associate himself with any sort of religious or political group.

"No, just himself," said McCall. "He wasn't really anything, and there was no real politics other than what he said about the president."

McCall recommended video editing services at Channel 8 to Ortega-Hernandez, but it's unclear whether he ever contacted the station.

Ortega was reported missing by his family on Oct. 31. Just a day before the D.C. shooting, police in Idaho Falls say they received a phone call telling them Ortega-Hernandez was fine.