Adam Seamons Wins Award

Jacob Seamons: Distinguished Student

BINGHAM COUNTY, Idaho - It's the season for those high school spring musicals, where we often find our talented United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winners. This week's winner is Snake River High School senior Jacob Seamons.

Jacob plays the leading role of Adam in Snake River High School's production of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." Landing the role was exciting for Jacob.

"It's a really big accomplishment for me because I didn't try out for Adam -I tried out for one of the brothers and ended up getting the lead," Jacob said.

Jacob feels the students who get involved in music and drama gain a great deal from the experience.

"For me, I had a little trouble talking in public before, not as much as some people, but by doing this you learn to get out of your comfort zone," Jacob said.

Besides performing, Jacob has another big passion when it comes to extracurricular activities - golf.

"I love golf," Jacob said. "I love doing these extracurricular activities like the plays. The friendships you build doing all that kind of stuff last through high school, you're friends with everyone, no one's ever left out or feels alone because everyone's just such good friends."

During his years at Snake River Jacob says he's learned an important lesson about how to make the most of the high school experience.

"Get out and go do anything that you want," Jacob said. I mean, look at me -- I wasn't expecting to be a lead in a play, but I ended up getting the role. You just never know what other people are looking for," Jacob said.

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