Alex Pyper: Distinguished Student

Alex Pyper: Distinguished Student

REXBURG, Idaho - Leadership is one of the outstanding qualities of United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winner Alex Pyper. The Madison High School senior is a section manager for for the marching band and plays in the wind ensemble. Music is one of his passions.

"It's a very rewarding thing to put time into practicing and then being able to do it and show other people your talents," Alex says. "Being with other kids who want to do the same thing on their instruments and working together to make the ensemble sound good is a bonding experience and you make good friends there."

Scouting is another of Alex's passions. He was barely 13 when he earned his Eagle Scout award.

"You get to improve and develop skills and have fun doing it. It's very entertaining and satisfying, " Alex says.

Just like in band, Alex is a natural leader in scouting. He's involved in the Cedar Badge leadership program and enjoys being a leader.

"Being a good leader is one who sets an example, but also befriends the followers so they'll want to do what your asking them," Alex says.

With a 3.95 GPA Alex is smart too. He takes a number of honors and AP classes. He likes to push himself

"If you stagnate - if you don't push yourself, you won't get anywhere fast," Alex says.

Alex plans to go to BYU and major in chemistry - then later work in research and development or perhaps teach.

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