Ali and Christina: Idaho Falls Music Video Released

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A music video set in Idaho Falls and performed by a famous local duo is hitting the airwaves.

Two months ago Local News 8 told you about Ali and Christina Christensen's new five-song EP. Now they're releasing a single from that called "The Same Way" with a video that will look very familiar to eastern Idahoans.

It's a touching song with a strong message against bullying.

Ali and Christina actually wrote it together drawing from their experience as top-10 finalists on America's Got Talent.

"We just want to get the word out there that it's not OK to bully and that you're never alone," said Christina.

The music video begins in a graveyard, representing lives tarnished and lost from the effects of bullying.

The girls walk through the hallways of Idaho Falls High School with students -- actual victims of what's becoming a national epidemic.

"We wanted to share a message with people and we felt like bullying is so prevalent in the world today. It's all over the news," said Ali.

The sisters co-wrote "The Same Way" with producers in Nashville, drawing on some painful experiences while they were on reality TV.

"We experienced a lot of cyberbullying when we were on America's Got Talent. That was really tough. I mean some of our closest friends turned against us, but most of all it was just mean comments on YouTube or Facebook," said Ali.

Cyberbullying is what the Christensens call it. They touch on that in the song as well.

With an EP out and a brand new single, Ali and Christina said they're ready to take it easy after a busy year.

Ali is re-enrolling in college and Christina said she might finally get to attend a dance with her friends.

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