Amanda Garrity: Distinguished Student

Amanda Garrity: Distinguished Student

Whether it's lifting a heavy box of donated cans, or taking AP Physics - Amanda Garrity is up to the challenge. She and other students are working on the annual souperbowl challenge - collecting cans of food for the needy.

"Our goal is 40 thousand cans. We still have a ways to go, but I'm pretty optomistic we'll get them all in," Amanda says.

School projects like these have been a favorite part of high school for Amanda.

"Definitely student council and getting involved in all the activities, because I think that makes you closer to your school and gets you involved with the people," Amanda says.

Even as she is heavily involved in school service, Amanda is maintains remarkable academic achievements. She has a 4.358 GPA when you add in the nine AP classes she's taken. She also scored 34 on her ACT. Amanda actually enjoys math.

"I like it because there's always a right and a wrong answer, and it's straight forward and I can see how I'm doing," Amanda says.

Her academic success has a lot to do with her attitude when it comes to school work.

"I've always wanted to take advantage of all opportunities and I didn't want to miss out on anything," Amanda says.

Amanda is deeply interested in chemical and nuclear engineering and is also considering med school. Whatever she decides, if her school record is any indication, she'll be a success.

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