Ammon teen swims in Transplant Games

Ammon teen swims in Transplant Games

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - In just 10 days, an Ammon teenager will make a big splash at the Transplant Games of America.

His name is Blake Krupa and after recovering from a kidney transplant last year, he's back doing what he loves -- swimming competitively.

You can tell with every butterfly stroke and flip that 14-year-old Blake loves swimming.

He's been doing it for six years.

"To me it feels really relaxing and joyful," said Krupa.

You'd never guess from watching this competitive swimmer, that a year ago he was tied up in Primary Children's Medical Center recovering from surgery.

Blake has always had weak kidneys, but last June they started failing him.

"I didn't feel sick, but I guess the blood work and stuff showed differently, that I was sick," said Blake.

Doctors tested him for a transplant match and his mom, Shauna, proved to be the closest donor fit.

They underwent surgery at the same time and it worked.

"When you have a child, you'd do just about anything for them," said Shauna.

After six weeks of recovery, Blake dove right back into his passion with even more energy than before.

"It's been easier, way easier," said Blake.

Now he's training for the Transplant Games of America, just one of many stops on what Blake hopes will be a path to the olympics.

"That would be way fun. That's like my ultimate goal," said Blake.

"I want him to live his dreams, whatever that is," said Shauna.

The games kick off next Saturday, July 28, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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