Ammon Warns Of Unlicensed Solicitors

AMMON, Idaho - The city of Ammon is warning residents of door-to-door salespeople who aren?t wearing badges.

?Every person doing door-to-door sales must have their badge (visibly) on them,? the city said in a news release Monday. ?? Recently, there have been some solicitors operating in the city without being licensed. The city would like residents to be aware that if a door-to-door salesperson is found to be operating within the city without a license, citations will be issued and the solicitors will be instructed to leave the community.?

The city noted that solicitors go door to door more frequently in the warmer months.

This warning comes at the heels of an incident last summer, in which a door-to-door salesman beat and tried to rape an Idaho Falls woman. Cities across southeastern Idaho, including Idaho Falls, responded by tightening regulations and requiring solicitors to obtain a permit.

Ammon is encouraging residents who don?t want solicitors to post a ?no solicitors? sign on their door.

For more information or to report illegal soliciting in Ammon, call the city offices at 612-4000 or Bonneville County Dispatch at 529-1200

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