Andrew Pulsiper wins Distinguished Student Award

Andrew Pulispher: Distinguished Student

Rexburg, Idaho - One of the Madison High School senior's favorite activities in high school has been dancing with the Idaho Ballroom Academy.

"I really like dancing because it keeps me active," Andrew said. "I have never really been involved in soccer or football or basketball or other sports, so doing dance is kind of fun because I like to perform, but it also keeps me active physically so it keeps me in shape."

The real thrill for Andrew comes with performing on stage.

"It's kind of exhilarating because you're doing something most people haven't seen done before when they come to watch, so you're able to do something different."

Dance is only one of a host of extracurricular activities Andrew fills his time with.

"I do student government, senior class, debate, speech, orchestra, dance," Andrew said.

Andrew has taken 10 Advanced Placement and Honors classes in high school, and still maintains a 4.21 GPA.

"They're a lot more fun because they're filled with students who are there to take a difficult class, so the discussions are more interesting and more in depth," Andrew said.

Andrew recommends focusing on academics, but also being highly involved in activities.

"I think keeping yourself busy with things other than school makes school more fun, because it's not monotonous, because there are other fun things you can do and you meet a lot of other people, and make some new friendships and learn some new skills," Andrew said.

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