The Bingham County Sheriff's office said it has a person of interest as it investigates the shooting of a hunting dog.

The sheriff said the dog, named Gunner, was with his owner hunting when the dog was shot and killed.

The attorney who represents the shooter, told our newsroom he turned himself in when he heard of the incident.    The attorney asked he or his client not to be identified at this time.

The attorney said the shooter was feeding cattle and saw the animal, but thought it was a coyote.   

After shooting the dog, he realized his mistake. He went to look for the dog but couldn't find it after feeding his cows.

The shooter said the dog was in a camouflage vest.

The attorney said the shooter was out of town for awhile and when he returned learned about the investigation.  He then voluntarily told the story to the sheriff's office.

The sheriff's office said it is still investigating and will release the name if charges are filed.