Bannock County Sheriff's Office warning businesses of fake checks

bcso fraud checks

POCATELLO - The Bannock County Sheriff's Office is asking people to be careful of fake checks people are trying to pass-off as coming from the Sheriff's Office.

But now, they're putting an end to this.

"It's sad, but it's the reality," Sheriff Lorin Nielsen said on Monday afternoon. "We've had another rash of counterfeit checks that have been going through this community."

Nielsen said four separate times this past year, former inmates have successfully replicated the checks they receive upon their release, and used them at businesses in Pocatello.

"We can't have our businesses frauded. That's as low as it can go," Nielsen said.

In response to this, the Sheriff's Office will now issue debit cards.

He added, there are still about 75 legal checks still floating around out there, and if anyone suspects a check is fake, to contact the Sheriff's Office at: 208.236.7123 between Monday and Thursday, from seven o'clock in the morning until six o'clock in the evening.


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