Biggest Show in Idaho changing hands

Phil Meador sponsors, doesn't organize event this year

Biggest Show in Idaho changing hands

POCATELLO, Idaho - After 20 years, Pocatello's "Biggest Show in Idaho" Fourth of July celebration is changing hands.

So what can we expect as Independence Day draws closer?

The most major change we will see is the expansion of the show itself. Rather than just being a fireworks show, they are bringing in over 20 bands from all genres, from as far as Texas, and expanding it into a four-day celebration.

The Biggest Show in Idaho is getting a makeover to become even more of an attraction.

This comes after Phil Meador and his family decided to participate as sponsors and not organize the event themselves.

Now, Chubbuck, Fort Hall and Pocatello have joined together to ensure this show stays strong.

"We have a community that's all involved now," said Loren Azzola, spokesperson for the event. "let's do something with it. Let's turn it into a destination. Rather than one day, let's make it three or four."

Azzola said they have also included technical upgrades for the event, including mobile online access to the schedule of events, being able to use your credit or debit card in the fairgrounds and free WI-fi.

Organizers say this is all to ensure you have a good time celebrating up to the explosive finale.

"You feel the impact, you hear the music," said Mike Sanders, who has narrated the shows for the last 20 years. "There's not a sense in your body that isn't affected by that show."

Two days of music and events after the fireworks show Thursday will also provide a variety of activities for families to celebrate the birth of the United States.

"It's not just a celebration to shoot off fireworks," Sanders said. "It's to celebrate the fact a lot of people have died in the course of earning that freedom for us."

Another change is regarding alcohol. You can't bring your own alcohol into the events.

Instead, they will sell beer in cans on-site, and those cans will go to SEICAA for them to recycle.

To see a full list of Biggest Show in Idaho events, click here.

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