Billboard targets mayoral candidate

Businesses for Growth billboards in Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Election day is a week away. Candidates for Idaho Falls mayor have been campaigning, but you may have noticed something different.

 You may have seen the billboard while driving down Woodruff Avenue in Idaho Falls that says "Another four years? I'd rather move to Ammon" followed by "Anybody but Casper." It's not the doing of one of the candidates.

It is from a Political Action Committee, Businesses for Growth composed of a few businesses around town.

"Over the past several months we've been concerned. We've seen the levy rate increase year after year over 17 and a half percent. And taxes on businesses and people here in Idaho Falls have seen city fees increase significantly, we've seen water rates skyrocket and we've seen stagnant growth over the last two years. Less than 2,000 people have moved into the Idaho Falls area," says Adam Frugoli, one of the members.

The group thinks it's time for a change.

"We can have a mayor that understands how business operates and be a little bit more business friendly. Which is why we formed Businesses for Growth," says Frugoli.

Mayor Rebecca Casper says she isn't letting the billboard message get to her.

"We have great things happening in our community and the negativity really isn't a good indicator of what's going on and most people recognize that. I've been getting lots of great messages from people reminding me that this city has good momentum," says Mayor Rebecca Casper.

Frugoli says it isn't personal and doesn't call it mudslinging.

"We have a record that we are trying to bring out to the public. It's not a good record. Because it's not a good record doesn't necessarily mean that it's mudslinging. It's just facts," says Frugoli.

Mayor Casper says she's continuing to focus on the community.

 "The only thing I worry about is the negative message can impact a lot of the businesses that are doing well and we don't want that to happen. I'm anxious for the campaign to be over, we have a week to go and then hopefully we can get back to the business of doing great business," says Casper.

 The group says it also has disagreements with the mayor's budget. The group isn't endorsing any candidate in particular but says it wants the public to explore their options.

A concern was raised that Frugoli serves on the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee. 

He says, the two groups aren't linked and 'businesses for growth' is a separate entity.

An email was sent saying Mayor Casper asks that all correspondence between city employees and city council members go through her office.

We asked Mayor Casper and she says it is not their policy.


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