Boise State's Big East future in jeopardy

League could be dissolved

Boise State's future of playing football in the Big East could be in severe jeopardy. Today, the seven basketball-playing Catholic colleges of the Big East announced their decision to leave the league, according to the USA Today.

Marquette, Villanova, Seton Hall, St. John's, Georgetown, Providence and DePaul have made the decision to defect from the league based on the football moves the Big East has made.

According to, the conference still doesn't have a television contract, which is only estimated between $60 million and $80 million with the basketball schools as a part of the package. ESPN is reporting the value could drop 15 or 20-percent with the loss of the seven schools.
That would affect BSU's television revenue as a football-only member of the Big East.

Once more, the Big East could be dissolved entirely with a 2/3 vote by the schools. Currently, the league only has 10 eligible voting members: the seven Catholic schools, Connecticut, South Florida and Cincinnati.

According to the articles, the seven schools are not sure if they will vote to dissolve the league, but it puts Boise State in a tough spot moving forward.

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