In 27 days, patrons of Bonneville School District 93 will vote on a $92 million bond for a new high school and middle school.

Patrons of the district were invited to attend an informational meeting Wednesday night at Rocky Mountain Middle School.

District 93's school board outlined the district's annual growth and how crowded classrooms have gotten. It also explained the alternatives to building new schools and why trustees thought they weren't ideal options.

The board fielded questions about the proposed high school's specific location, as well as the bond's financial structure.

The bond includes:

  • Building a new high school and middle school.
  • Constructing transportation facilities and buying buses.
  • Expanding the Technical Careers High School.
  • Renovating existing schools and facilities.
  • Making safety, security, technology and instructional resource upgrades throughout the district.
  • Buying land for future school facilities.

The bond election will be held March 11.