Bonneville School District talks renewing $3 million levy

Bonneville School District talks renewing $3 million levy

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho - Textbook shortages and cut salaries have been a common theme for Idaho schools lately; and next year, there could be even more holdbacks to public education.

Wednesday afternoon, the Bonneville School District 93 board met and discussed renewing the district's $3 million levy.

Education leaders said Idaho schools rank near the bottom of the barrel when it comes to funding education. In just four months, schools across the state will turn to their communities for help in the form of a bond or a levy.

"We really have trimmed about all of the fat there is to trim," said DeVere Hunt, board member. "At this point, if we have to cut more, it's going to cut into some significant programming."

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Idaho pays a little more than $7,000 per student, which is only a fraction of the amount compared to other states. Washington D.C. spends the most at nearly $19,000 per student.

"There is some conversation that (Idaho school) districts may be cut once again in funding," said Hunt. "They've talked about a $2 million cut to district funding."

And to cover that financial blow, District 93 is proposing a $3 million levy, which school administrators said will barely keep them afloat.

"Some of the other districts have larger levies and they use that to supplement their para-professionals and their classified and certified wages and we don't currently do that," said Hunt.

A proposal from the board regarding the supplemental levy has not been made yet.

The board will discuss it further at its next meeting January 9.

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