Many folks turned out in Pocatello to the Marshall Public Library book sale Saturday.

The book fair has become a win-win for the city library and its patrons.

The Friends of the Marshall Public Library is the nonprofit group that holds this event.

Co-President Tracy Van Dyke said the group takes donations from anyone who wants to donate books.

"And then we sell the books at our annual book sale, and use it to make library improvements,” said Van Dyke.

Van Dyke said the money raised has gone to pay for the library's summer activities for kids, a CD cleaner for its audiobooks and an after-hours drop box.

"Generally, we make $2,500 to $3,000 dollars per book sale."

She said that dollar amount shows a lot of people are buying books. She said it was refreshing to see what kind of books all attendees, young and old, were interested in.

Van Dyke said the event was such a success, Friends of the Marshall Public Library may have to consider two book sales every year.