Brooklyn Anderson: Distinguished Student

Brooklyn Anderson: Distinguished Student

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A great student with tremendous character is how Skyline High School counselor and golf coach, Ty Shippen, describes Brooklyn Anderson who won the United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award.

As soon as Sage Lakes golf course opens for the season you can find Brooklyn Anderson out there practicing.

"I just really love the game itself - it pushes you to do your best, and you put in time and you have to really practice and I just really love the game," Brooklyn says.

Brooklyn is a star player on the Skyline golf team and helped lead her team to state. She has a scholarship to BYU to play golf. Brooklyn is also an avid soccer and basketball player. She feels involvement in sports has helped her in life in general.

"It forces you to be organized and get your priorities right - being a student always comes first and getting good grades, but then it makes you get organized and put in time where it needs to be, and it gets you ready for the rest of your life," Brooklyn says.

Those organizational skills and focus on school has paid off for Brooklyn. With a 4.083 GPA she's never even received a B. She loves learning and has purposely taken some very hard classes.

"I have 13 credits transferring to college, so I've been trying to take a lot of college classes - they're harder but it's really worth it in the end," Brooklyn says. "It's probably the smartest thing you can do in high school to get you ready for college."

Brooklyn says the secret to good grades is simply putting the time in to studying and doing homework. And the secret to having a successful high school experience?

"Just have fun, put in the work but always just remember to have fun and enjoy the journey," Brooklyn says. "It's always is worth it in the end."

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