Brooklyn's Buddies begin fundraiser for maintenance fund

Playground upkeep expensive and needed

Brooklyn's Buddies begin fundraiser for maintenance fund

POCATELLO, Idaho - The fairy tale story of Brooklyn and her playground is one that will carry on for a lifetime. But unlike most fairytales, we get to see what happens after happily ever after.

"This playground was built because of the support from the community," said Jonny Fisher, Brooklyn Fisher's father. "The community loves this playground and so they've continued to support us with every function we've had."

It all started with a video showing Brooklyn's friends all running off to play while she was left out because the toys are unable to accommodate her, as she has Spina Bifida.

Now she's able to enjoy the playground, but it doesn't maintain itself.

Jonny Fisher said while they want to make sure they have enough money for the repairs here and there, they also want to make sure they have enough money for the biggest expense - the turf.

"It's a very large expenditure," Jonny Fisher said. "What we're trying to do is maintain a fund that will continually grow throughout the year, so when we do have to replace the turf, it's not a burden on the city."

So the committee for the playground, Brooklyn's Buddies, decided to create an annual fundraiser called "Brooklyn's Buddy's Breakfast."

"All the food was donated," Fisher said, "so all the funds we get from this just go straight into the long-term maintenance fund for the playground.

The meal included pancakes, sausage and eggs served by members of the community, including School District 25 Superintendent Mary Vagner.

Other prominent community members were there as well, including Mayor Brian Blad, Chubbuck and Pocatello mayoral candidates like Roger Chase and Brent Marshall and Mary Johnson, the owner of the local McDonalds franchises, who also supplied drinks.

Disney princesses, like Ariel, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel also brought some fairy tale magic with live music. There were other fictional characters like Luke Skywalker, storm troopers and Darth Vader.

Brooklyn's friends and family say they appreciate the community's support, and Brooklyn only had one thing to say: "Thank you for coming."

A woman of few words indeed, but she has more important things to do, like play with her friends in this dream come true.

If you weren't able to attend the breakfast Saturday morning, Jonny Fisher also said you can still donate online.

The website,, has more information on how to donate, and what donations will get you. For example, $50 will get your name on a fence post at the playground and $100 will get your name on a stone in the walkway. 

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