Bryson Harper

Distinguished Student

Bryson Harper - Distinguished Student

BINGHAM COUNTY, Idaho - A person who works hard gets ahead, and that's why this week's United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winner will likely go far.
Snake River High School senior, Bryson Harper, gives everything he does his all.
Playing a major supporting role in Snake River's production of "The Secret Garden" was a stretch for Harper.
"I'm really not comfortable in front of people, I'm kind of a shy guy," Harper says. "Also, I don't hang around kids very much and during the show I got to hang around little nine-year olds. I hang out with them during the show and they're just my best friends."
Challenging himself to reach outside his comfort zone is nothing new for Bryson. He takes the hardest AP and honors classes available and still gets a perfect 4.0 GPA.
" When you get great grades it just makes you happier," Harper says.
That's not the only reason Bryson strives for good grades.
" I know if I don't do well in academics in harder for me to get into a good college and get the perfect degree that I want," Harper says.
Another thing that makes Bryson happy is his favorite hobby.
" I am a big fan of art," Bryson says. " That's probably the funnest thing for me. For example, I did all the projected backdrops for the play. It's just great to know that people are just seeing my artwork."
Hard-working, happy and talented - words that describe Bryson Harper.

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