'Bucket List Bandit' hits Illinois bank

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - A man who robbed the Ireland Bank in Pocatello has hit another in Illinois, making the Prairie State the serial robber's seventh, FBI officials said.

WGLT Radio reports that the FBI is investigating last week's robbery of a PNC Bank branch in Bloomington. Ill.

Bloomington Police spokesman Dave White says surveillance photos show a white, middle-aged robber in a light blue polo shirt. White says the images match other pictures of a suspected serial bank robber.

Officials believe the robber is driving a Black Chevy Captiva compact SUV with a silver rack on the roof.

The other robberies were in Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, North Carolina and Tennessee, the FBI said.

White says serial bank robbers aren't that rare, but it is unusual to have them hop from state to state.

The man is known as the "Bucket List Bandit," because, White told WGLT, "At one of the robberies he did display a note that said he had four months to live. So going by that, (authorities) are thinking this guy is just traveling along, robbing everything he wants to and kind of living the high life until such time as he may expire.

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